The paintings in this gallery are framed using UV protective glass and archival mats.   More on painting on silk
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Lorraine Chapman
Silk Paintings 
About Silk Painting

Painting on silk using wax resist techniques and various colorants has been documented back to the second century A.D.  Gutta resist, a clear thick liquid harvested from the pallaquium tree and then refined is a more recent development. The gutta resist technique may have originated in the Indonesian islands, where the pallaquium tree grows. When applied to silk, gutta withstands dye and keeps it from spreading.

Silk painting made its way from India and Java to Europe and eventually to America. In the 1920’s, painting on silk became very popular in France but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that silk painting really began to be popularized by artists is the United States. 

I use French dyes and the gutta resist technique, also called the serti technique, to produce my paintings. I like using the very intense dyes on the luminous silk. When the paintings are matted on a white background the opacity increases and the dyes become even more intense.

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Hydrangea Framed 22.5" x23.5 " $650
Yellow Bird Framed 20" x 19" $650
Three Pears Framed 22.5" x 22.5"  $650
Succulent Garden Framed 33.5" x 22"  $700
Hot Lips III Framed 35" x 42" SOLD
Pods I Framed 35" x30" SOLD
Chinese Lanterns Framed 29.5" x 24.5"  $950
Lemons & Green Vase  19" x 20.5"  $650
White Flowers & Orange Fruit 38" x 34"  $1400
Pansies & Blue Vase  23" x21.5" $575
Underwater unframed 32.5" x40.5" $1000